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Places to visit in Italy

It is no secret that Italy has some of the world’s most beautiful architecture and art. Italy is also famous for delicious food and great hotel services for travelers. You can have the vacation of your life in Italy for a good value and get to see the greatest sites built in history.

This article has a list of places you must visit in Italy. They have historic value and are extremely beautiful to see.

1- Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City – The Saint Peter’s basilica is the largest church in the whole world and is standing to be one of the most remarkable creations in the Renaissance architecture. The church plan, designed by many artists over the course of the year it was created in, is diverse and extravagant. It has beautiful ceiling paintings, sculptures and huge columns in it. When Bernini became the architect for this church, he made it extremely unique and unlike anything else, which you have to see for yourself to understand. There is a circular colonnade which gives you a feeling of being hugged and welcomed to the church. This church is a magnificent creation completed in the Baroque period, as extremely luxurious and beautiful. A must visit place for your trip to Italy.

2- Duomo di Milano, Milan – This cathedral is the owner of the title of being the second largest cathedral of the world. It is gorgeous and has pinnacles and spires on the exterior. It took about 6 centuries to be completed. The most famous sculpture of the cathedral, of Saint Bartholomew Flayed is at the left of the altar. There are several sarcophagi in this cathedral as well. Milan cathedral is the fifth largest cathedral in the world, and the third largest in all of Europe. You must visit this place when you go to Italy.

3- Pisa Cathedral and Tower, Pisa – This is one of the wonders of the world, the leaning tower of Pisa. With it, the cathedral and the baptistery make up a famous tourist spot. It is a Romanesque creation from the 11th century. It is decorated on the outside my many different colors of marble. It has high arches and blind arches as well. It has Islamic reference to the dome and high arches. The doors are heavy and are made up of bronze as their material. They were created later on in the 17th century by Florentine artists at the time. Get this place on your go to list in Italy now!

A few other places to definitely put up in your list of places to visit in Italy are the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence. It is a famous museum of Art containing art of several old masters such as Botticelli. The Colosseum in Rome is a site you should definitely see, even if you don’t see anything else. It is a very important monument which was built for public entertainment by the Flavian Emperors and after a fire, it was again completed in the first century. It held mythological drama performances, bull fights etc. It had five levels of seating because of a class system. This is a top site to see in Rome, you must see it.

So there you have it, a list packed with places you must visit in Italy. It should spark your desire to get there now as these places are gorgeous.

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